Route Bleue Québec / Chaudière-Appalaches

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Kayakers and other small craft users can now benefit from 18 maps of the Route bleue Québec/Chaudière-Appalaches, a maritime route consisting of 98 authorized stop sites. Among them, about thirty shallow draft craft-launching sites, as well as several emergency stop sites, rest areas, primitive/commercial campgrounds, and food areas are listed. These maps allow the user to safely plan a run lasting from a few hours to a few days on a course offering a mix of natural and urban landscape, as well as routes for all skill levels. For the 18 RBQCA maps, simply become a member. The form is available on the website or by calling to FQCK at (514) 252-3001.

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Frédéric De Beaumont, Route Bleue Québec / Chaudière-Appalaches