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Four Stops on the Parcours des Anses

Parcours des anses

The Parcours des Anses is recognized as Quebec’s best bicycle path, and one of the nicest in North America. A route with a spectacular panorama for you to enjoy your favourite sport. But also keep these stops in mind to make the journey even more charming.


Biking on many kilometres normally leads to hunger and thirst. Even if it isn’t the case, stopping at O'Ravito Café-Relais is sure to awaken your stomach. This “cyclists welcome” restaurant will charm you with its theme decor and delicious menu. Treat yourself and raise your energy level before you go back on the road.

Anse-Tibbits Park

Parc de l'anse tibbits

All those who stop here carry a smile on their faces. The landscape is wonderful. Savour the moment, refresh yourself in the water games and feel the sand between your toes. It is the perfect place to enjoy the sun before re-taking the route.

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Quai Paquet

Quai Paquet 3

Iconic site in Lévis. Most certainly not to be missed on your Parcours des Anses  ride. Not only will the place enchant you, it also hosts events and performances on a regular basis. All your senses will be in awe, and your palate will be charmed by the food trucks onsite and the restaurants in the vicinity.

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Davie Shipyard National Historic Site

Next, the Davie Shipyard National Historic Site , which is only a few more pedal strokes from Quai Paquet. Visit this place to immerse yourself in Lévis’s maritime history. With the knowledge of a passionate guide, you will discover the history of one of Quebec’s most famous shipyards.

Fear not, passionate cyclist, for your journey does not end here. Continue towards the Harlaka Bridge and conquer the Cycloroute de Bellechasse!

Passerelle Harlaka 3