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Summer Theatre at Vieux Bureau de Poste: Laughter Guaranteed!

This summer at the Saint-Romuald Vieux Bureau de Poste, let yourself be enthralled by graduates from the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec! The summer theatre sets up its 15th edition in this intimate and inviting venue.

Twists and mystery await in Yvon Brochu’s original play La Maison Hantée (lit. The Haunted House). The four talented actors will draw you through their angst, fears, distress, closeness and secrecy during a stay at a house full of surprises. Looking for a peaceful place to fuel their inspiration, Mireille and Lucie are unwillingly thrust into the legends of the town. They meet several bizarre individuals who spread confusion and distress among the two ladies. How long can they endure this cursed house in which many before them only stayed for a very short while?

From July 11 to August 24, come enjoy this delightful comedy for all ages, with family and friends. In this venue, everyone gets the impression to be seated at the front, even those in the back. It will feel like you are part of the play, as if you were an extra. You will certainly be impressed by the quality of the staging.

The venue also offers a dinner and show option! It consists in a three-course table d’hôte with admission to the show. For more information or to book a date, contact the Vieux Bureau de Poste  at 418 839-1018, or browse to www.vieuxbureaudeposte.com .


Let yourself be spooked by summer theatre!


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